Canton Fair 2024 Day2

2024-04-18 08:42:00.0

Day 2 at Canton Fair #2024 and the energy is electric at AUXSOL's booth! 🔥

After an explosive start on Day 1, AUXSOL, the cutting-edge PV #inverter company under the AUX Group, continues to shine bright amidst the bustling crowds regarding the excellent latest solar solution.

Drawing on years of expertise in the home appliance industry from AUX Group, AUXSOL innovatively integrates its proprietary #hotovoltaicSystems, #inverters, #EnergyStorageBatteries, #EVchargers, and AUX's mature #PHeatPHumps.

This integration provides customers with a comprehensive one-stop solution for new energy, seamlessly combining low-cost power generation with energy storage to enable customers to achieve clean, efficient, and cost-effective energy utilization at the terminal.

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