Intersolar Summit Brazil 2024

2024-04-15 16:03:00.0

Intersolar Summit Nordeste 2024, held in 话题标签Brazil from April 10th to 11th local time, has successfully concluded!

The booth of Nansen Solar (AUXSOL's brand in 话题标签Brazil) was vibrant, as our expert team engaged with clients, partners, and industry enthusiasts, discussing the latest advancements in our world-leading 话题标签inverterPCB technology.

Through professional and comprehensive demonstrations, our clients experienced firsthand the tailored 话题标签inverter products and 话题标签EnergyStorageSolutions that Nansen Solar brings to the local 话题标签Brazilian market:

话题标签Residential Solar 话题标签Inverter Solutions

Comprising primarily of photovoltaic 话题标签modules, 话题标签inverters, grid-connected boxes, and other key components, our 3.6-25kW grid-connected residential solar inverter systems can adapt to different rooftops. Our residential solar inverters support 4G/WIFI/RS485 communication with the Nansen Solar cloud monitoring platform, providing users with better residential electricity options.

话题标签Residential Solar 话题标签StorageInverter Solutions

Our 3.6-12kW grid-connected solutions are suitable for residential storage, enabling surplus solar-generated power to be stored during the day and used at any time.

话题标签Commercial and 话题标签Industrial Solar Solutions

Consisting mainly of commercial and industrial photovoltaic inverters, grid-connected boxes, voltage devices, and other key components, our 70-110kW commercial and industrial grid-connected photovoltaic systems feature multi-MPPT functionality, suitable for rooftops of various commercial and industrial facilities.

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an influential event. Witnessing the enthusiasm of everyone who visited our booth was truly inspiring. 话题标签IntersolarSummitNordeste2024 provided us with a platform not only to showcase our expertise but also to connect with like-minded individuals and share our vision for a more sustainable future.

In the 话题标签Brazilian market, we are collaborating with partners to drive change and support Brazil's transition towards a nation powered by renewable energy.

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